Lirik Lagu Souljah – Bisakah

Souljah – Bisakah

Artis / Penyanyi / Band : Souljah
Judul Lagu / Musik : Bisakah
Album : This Is Souljah
Label Musik : Offbeat Music
Pengarang / Pencipta :
Genre : Reggea

Lirik Bisakah

For every single day that pass by,
the faded pictures
on my mind
overwhelms my heart

th painful and bitter
memories of hurting
you slowly

My world is breaking apart
walking on my own ashes

Now I'm here screaming, and lost
in a world different from the world that can be perceived

Now I'm here crying, waiting for
your smile here inside my dream

In every chapter that I make
there is a sad fate
trying to wake up
hoping to open my eyes

I slowly draw
every sweetness and tenderness
of my memories
that awaits for you

My heart is breaking apart
opened by these eyes

Now I'm here slowly seeing
the world I created from my tears

Now I'm here running, reaching
your hand and your colorful heart

In every spin this world makes
my only wish, is that to make you happy
the tears that I hid
from you, are left in my world

Now I'm here that is hugging you
forgive me if I hurted your heart

Now I'm here, and not going to let go of
your hand, here in our life's story

the story of our life