Lirik Lagu Anggun - Crazy

7:13:00 AM

I’m not the girl I don’t live,
In every tale as I can tell. I’ve been the shift that I’ve greed.
Said me to marry time..go for.
This baby hard - will she give,
Without surround thee.. Without a plan be..

Never before I believe, till I was you.. love is just an ID.
Don’t girl know that I can’t waiting for
(waiting for no one but you)
Don’t girl know out they were fail so sure
(never been.. never been show)

You know that’s true Ain’t no body else,
I am crazy.. for you.
It’s all about you
Every body loosing i’m crazy for you
You know that’s true Wont.. i show the world -
I go crazy for you It’s all about you
Everything you do makes me crazy.. for you

Sometime i’m acting could stuff,
it’s only a face fading a way,
can’t say I wont Go trough this stuff,
until you say you want do the same.
All I got to do is enough, to proof what we feel,
it’s unlike i'm live,
Something I’ve been dreaming off,
till i was you, witch just an ID..
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